Mulch Installation

No matter where mulch needs to be installed on your commercial property our blower can do the job for you.   There is no need to waste time and money on wheelbarrowing and labor. Whether you need hardwood, softwood, or colored wood we can effortlessly apply the mulch with a smooth effective look to your landscaping or hillsides for erosion control efforts.

When you compare what it costs a landscaper/contractor to place 50 cubic yards of mulch in eight hours, with our mulch blower, there is no comparison in time and money saved.  So give us a call 832-459-2205 or email us today.

Mulch Blowing

We install large quantities of certified playground mulch to elementary and pre-school school playgrounds,  county and city parks, and church playgrounds to name a few.  Our certified playground mulch is soft enough to keep your child safe, yet meets firmness requirements for wheelchair accessibly.

Our blower at Houston Express Blower Services allows for smooth, professional mulch installation no matter how inaccessible the area may be.   Our playground mulch is tested for safety and are considered to be the safest wood chips available. Give us a call 832-459-2205 or email us for more information or to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to talking to you!

Houston Express Blower Services